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Social networks have become an integral part of running a successful and profitable business a long time ago. And we know how to determine your target audience, increase its number and make fall in love with you. A bold recognizable design that will make your pupils expand with excitement! Content which makes one’s mouth watering – this will not dream even in the brightest dream! Caution! It will rip off the roof of your Instagram by likes, and Facebook will explode off reposts! Strong coverages and involvement until memory loss are included.

The results of our promotion:

  • Stable growth of a new subscribers;
  • Coverage of the target audience;
  • Page involvement;
  • Leads (applications from potential customers for services);
  • Transitions to the project website;
  • Development and posting modern types of publications for the project:
    Gif; 3D-publications; 360 degrees; Questionnaires; Post-carousel; Instant Experience.

Before starting a project:

  • Analysis of the top-3 competitors;
  • Rubricator;
  • Timing;
  • Message structure, number of symbols, keywords, hashtags;
  • Tools for promotion – criteria for targeting settings;
  • Design templates for posts, media plan;
  • Setting up an advertising account;
  • Preparation of an algorithm for communication with users.

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