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I n t e r n e t   P R 

Do you need to improve your image and neutralize the negative? Effectively influence public opinion and win the hearts of millions? Do you want each kitty to purr when he saw your ad? Internet PR is a powerful tool to create the desired image! The main advantage of the Internet as a platform for an advertising campaign is flexibility. To achieve the desired effect, SMELO uses a whole range of activities to influence the audience.

What does the client receive from Internet PR campaign:

  • The company and its product or services are recognizable;
  • Customer loyalty is enhanced;
  • The effect of the negative is neutralized;
  • The company gets rid of prejudice from the side of users;
  • The effectiveness of the e-shop (site) is increasing;
  • There is an increase of SEO impact;
  • There are no geographical barriers.

Advantages of SMELO PR promotion:

  • The growth of product information and ways to influence customers;
  • Great interest from media and news resources side;
  • Minimizing the influence of competitors;
  • The growth of trust and recognition.

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