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SMELO is a digital agency with creative experience of over 13 years and an unique approach to each task in different business areas. Development of marketing strategies, integrated promotion on the Internet, website development, analytics - this is all our, native!

We work and develop in several main directions at once to provide a full package of services, saving your time and money in search for hundreds of contractors. Our mission is to solve all your business problems by creating a trendy and attractive super product.

Who are we?

  • A family of people being on the same wavelength;
  • Our experience is 13 years;
  • 200+ successful projects;
  • We work with 20+ countries;
  • We guarantee our work 100%.

What do we offer?

01 Digital;

02 Copyrighting;

03 Marketing;

04 PR;

05 CRM;

06 Development;

07 Design ;

08 Training.

Are you brave?

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